The Event: Aftermath

“I just want to give a good fight for the people, you know?”

So my prediction was way off this time. Manny Pacquiao easily defended his WBO welterweight title over Joshua “The Cure for Insomnia” Clottey. He did not win it by a knockout as I thought he would but he won 34 of the possible 36 rounds in the official scorecards in a generally lackluster fight.

I was actually excited for this fight because I thought Clottey’s size was going to be a real problem for Pacquiao. I could not have guessed that Clottey was not planning on winning this fight at all. As I have wrote in my earlier post, Clottey has lost the three biggest fights of his career but he competed well in all those fights. Against Pacquiao, however, he was content on covering up and mounting token offense so it would actually be a sort of a fight rather than a glorified sparring session.

My biggest frustration about this fight is that when Clottey let his hands go, he was actually effective against Pacquiao. Pacman’s head popped back every time Clottey threw a straight right and sweat would come flying off Pacquiao’s face and hair when Clottey throws his vaunted uppercuts. Yet, he chose to stay safe even when his trainer was urging him to fight back. After round 8, he needed a knockout to win as he was down big on the scorecards but he refused to mix it up with the much smaller Pacquiao.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, fought his normal fight. He was ultra busy all night and gave Clottey some free shots to lure him into a slugfest. He even threw Fernando Poe, Jr.’s patented “pompyang” to piss of Clottey. Pacquiao threw more that 1,200 punches in that fight and to those not that familiar to boxing, this is an astronomically huge number.

Clottey made this fight stink. It could have been a really good fight but he chose to run away with the money and save his pretty face so he can make some more money by being Akon impersonator. Clottey showed that he is and will always be a second rate fighter. After he retires, his name will be forgotten in the boxing world almost instantly instantly. He’ll neither be remembered for his toughness nor for his short stint as a world champion but as a fighter who refused to give the people the action they deserved to see.

While I was watching the fight, I could not help but be in awe of how Erik Morales performed against Pacquiao. He knew he was going to get beaten by Pacquiao in their third fight but he continued to fight on and throw bombs until he was knocked down for the third time. He was already wobbly-legged but he still went down swinging. I guess Clottey lacks the warrior mentality that fighter like Pacquiao and Morales have.

What made it worse was that Clottey claimed he was never hurt in the entire fight. Well, genius, if you weren’t hurt at all, why didn’t you try to win the fight? If you knew Pacquiao’s punches have little effect on you, then why did you not throw more punches? Why didn’t you get out of you shell defense?

I felt bad for Pacquiao. The dude really wanted to put on a show for the fans in Dallas. he didn’t have to keep fighting in the late rounds but he continued to push the action to entertain the people who paid good money to see him live.

Well, I guess we just have to move on. I guess I’m just bummed because Pacquiao won’t be fighting for long and he wasted his time fighting an opponent such as Clottey. He could have fought Timothy Bradley or even Edwin Valero, smaller guys who have much more fight in them than Clottey.

All we have to do now is wait for the result of the Floyd Mayweather versus Shane Mosley fight. hopefully Pacquiao ends his career with a bang by fighting the winner in the said fight.

Fight Night Bullets:

  • I know I’m going to hell for this but when the lady was about to sing the Ghanian national anthem, I was expecting to hear clicking sounds and animal noises.


  • What the hell was up with the flag-bearing fat guy doing the slit-throat sign in front of Clottey? Doesn’t he know Clottey could knock him the fuck out if anytime he wanted to? Mas mayabang pa yung alalay sa amo.


  • How about them Dallas Cowboys cheerleader singers huh? They sounded as well as if not better than La Diva, who sang our national for the Pacquiao-Cotto fight, but they looked twenty billion times better.


  • I like it better when Pacquiao uses his own songs for his entrance.  


  • Next time, we should make Lito Camo sing the national anthem. Then sue him and throw his ass to jail. Para wala nang tagasulat ng kanta si Willie Revillame.


    • bulakenyo
    • March 19th, 2010

    The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders looked like pornstars, and sounded like “The Chipmunks.”

  1. you’re right. they actually did. i barely noticed their singing though, i was distracted quite a bit

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