Underdogboxing’s Reaction to Adam Corolla’s Podcast Rant

I liked Adam Corolla. I especially loved The Man Show which was hosted by him and Jimmy Kimmel. I mean, they have girls jumping on trampolines. How can you not love that?

However, he was way out of line in his podcast. His comments were idiotic. I didn’t react negatively like most people because to me, he already made himself look like a total fool. Analyzing most of his comments, it is pretty clear that he has no idea whatsoever with what he was talking about.

When he said there’s nothing more to the Philippines than Manny Pacquiao and sex tourism, it showed that he was ignorant and, to a certain extent, perverted. Pacquiao and prostitution is all he knows about the country. This does not mean this is what the Philippines is all about. He’s just probably pissed that some barely-educated Filipino guy, who used to be dirt poor, is earning much more that his sorry-ass self. Fact is, Pacquiao will make more money in a single fight than Corolla would make in a lifetime. He’s also pissed that Filipinos have something to brag about, having the best fighter in the world. People like him want us to know keep playing our roles as members of a third world country, keeping our mouths shut, serving them coffee, and cleaning their bathrooms. It pisses them off that we have something, or in this case someone, who is better than them.

It’s weird that Kimmel has invited Pacquiao twice to be a guest on his show while his former partner lambasted him with a podcasts. Truth be told, I actually thought Corolla was way funnier. When Pacquiao was on Kimmel’s show, I think the host genuinely liked him. It would be interesting to know if Corolla and Kimmel have talked about this issue.

Another point he made was that we’re too supportive of Pacquiao. He said the country will go into a deep depression if Pacquiao loses to Floyd Mayweather. Although I agree that the country would feel a bit of depression if Pacquiao loses, I can’t see what’s wrong with our all-out support for him. Quite the contrary, I think it is awesome that we could say that for a day, the entire country is united, rooting and praying for the success of its favorite son.

Do you even remember when was the last time the Americans in unison rooted for a single athlete? I can’t seem to. In fact, this is one of Mayweather’s frustrations. He often asks why Americans can seem to have the backs of American athletes. If ever they fight, 95% of Filipinos will be rooting for Pacquiao, the other 5% will be tough guys saying they want Mayweather to win but secretly want to be proven wrong (the contra pelos in Filipino). For Americans, can you say that 95% of them will cheer for Mayweather? Not a chance. In fact, many Americans watch Mayweather’s fights to see him lose. In the end, isn’t loyalty to a countryman something to be proud of? It is, right?

A Filipino can eradicate crime, even just for a day, in an entire country. Can any American do the same? Nope.

Sadly, this emotion has been brewing for a while now, Corolla just blew it out in the open. Boxing fans of other nationalities are peeved with the wave of casual boxing fans coming from the Philippines and bragging about Pacquiao. Most of them were Pacquiao fans themselves when Pacman was just starting out, but now they want to see Pacquiao lose just so they could hear less from Filipino casual fans who are dominating the different boxing forums right now.

I guess the best way to deal with this is to brush it off and move on. Corolla did not deserve the airtime he got, especially on our primetime news broadcasts. Corolla knew he was going to get attention when he did that and most of us were foolish enough to give to him. I tried to translate it to Filipino and I came up with “whoever makes-patol a stupid person is more stupid.” It sucked so I’ll just say in Filipino,  “ang pumatol sa tanga, mas tanga.”

I hope this issue dies out soon.

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