Pacquiao-Margarito: Don’t Do It Bob!

Padding found of Margacheato's gloves with Plaster-of-Paris-like substance

Antonio Margarito? Are you serious Bob?

Antonio Margarito? The fighter whose trainer was caught loading his gloves with extra pads with a Plaster-of-Paris-like susbtance before his fight with Shane Mosley?

Antonio Margarito? The fighter who refused to apologize to anyone and instead played the “I’m also a victim here” card.

That guy? Against Manny Pacquiao?

Ugh. This fight only makes sense for two people in the entire world. Bob Arum and Antonio Margarito. Arum would make a ton money from this fight because both fighters are under his Top Rank stable. Margarito would love this fight because it is a marquee fight, albeit one that he does not deserve.

Personally, I don’t think Pacquiao has it in him to say no to Arum. I think it is now up to Roach to shoot down this fight. Good thing that Roach already said before that a fight with Margarito does not make sense for Pacquiao.

Boxing is already a dangerous sport as it is. Fighters get seriously hurt, like Z Gorres, and some even die from injuries they get from fighting, like Lito Sisnorio.

Margarito and his trainer should have been charged with assault. He does not deserve a shot at Pacquiao. Off the top of my head I can name five people more deserving: Mosley, Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward, Timothy Bradley, and Devon Alexander. Yes, even Devon Alexander.

My biggest frustration about this whole brouhaha is that Margarito refuses to show any kind of remorse for the incident. He could have maintained the not guilty plea but still showed a bit of remorse because his trainer tried to severely hurt another human being. But no, he acts like it never happened.

Margarito could have seriously hurt Mosley. Loaded gloves are no laughing matter in boxing. See for the Resto-Collins controversy, where one fighter was led to commit suicide because of the pain that was brough about by losing to a fighter who loaded his gloves.

There’s no place for Margarito in big fights unless he accepts that he is partly to blame for what happened. Frankly, he does not deserve to fight again. Hopefully, Arum is just using Margarito as bargaining chip for the negatiations that should commence after Mayweather and Mosley fight each other.

I can’t say I won’t watch this fight because I know it is one of Pacquiao’s last fights but it would be weird to feel that I’m paying to watch Pacquiao fight someone who cheated, got caught, and denied the whole thing. It just won’t feel right.

  1. My thoughts exactly when I heard about the possibility of the two meeting each other in the ring. Why not Marquez again, instead? If not Mayweather, there should be others more deserving of a shot at Pacquiao than Margarito.

  2. I think Marquez needs to tin a big fight before being listed on Pacquiao’s short list. But yeah, even he deserves the shot more than Margacheto. I really like the idea of fighting Timothy Bradley at 140. He is undoubtedly the best in the division and he may sell more ppvs than Clottey.

  3. Carlo,

    Great stuff you got here, bro. Thanks for linking my site to your blog. Will link your blog to mine as well.

    Keep it up.


    • thanks for the link man. all the best to your blog. hope to see you in the fights someday

  1. July 28th, 2010

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