Boxing Prediction League

Breaking down fights and picking a winner is serious stuff for most boxing fans. Many spend countless hours playing and replaying different scenarios in their minds until they convince themselves of who they think will win.

Picking the winner in boxing fights is fun as it is difficult. It would have been nice if I had a complete list of my predictions and so I was I was elated when I discovered

Sign up in this site and you can choose who you think will win and how they’ll do it. You get points for correct guesses and the top scorers at the end of the season get prizes from the site. Signing up is free so it’s a great way for boxing fans put their analyzing skills to good use.

The scoring is pretty much solid. You get point when you guess who’ll win and how he’ll do it. You can choose if a fighter will win by decision, early knockout (rounds 1-4), middle knockout (rounds 5-8), or late knockout (rounds 9-12). You get more points for the least likely scenarios. For example, Floyd Mayweather is more likely to beat Shane Mosley be decision. So the guys as give out more points for people who will select Mayweather to win by knockout. You get points for picking the correct fighter and you get more points for guessing how he’d win. Losses will cost your five points.

Currently, I am ranked 11th. I started out with a bunch of wins but I got back-to-back losses. I picked Manuel Cayo to win via decision against Marcos Rene Maidana. Boy, was I wrong about that one. Cayo had his moments but he was blasted out by the powerful slugger from Argentina.

My second wrong pick was Arthur Abraham over Andre Dirrell. I guess I bought the King Arthur hype too match as I picked him to win by knockout. Dirrell had other plans though as he employed the perfect gameplan, frustrating Abraham, even flooring him at one point. Abraham was so frustrated that when Dirrell slipped in the 11th round, he threw a sickening foul punch that knocked Dirrell the fuck out. Dirrell won by disqualification.

In 21 fights in the season, I have guessed the correct winner 19 times, in those 19 wins I guessed how they’d win 12 times.

My favorite pick of the season was Joan Guzman to beat Ali Funeka by decision. Initially, I picked Funeka to win judging by the result of their first fight. Then, I read that Guzman weighed in 9 pounds overweight. He was a welterweight fighting a lightweight. I switched my pick at the last moment and was rewarded handsomely.

In the past seasons, fights involving Manny Pacquiao always won me a ton of points. I remember being one of the very few people who picked Pacquiao to win against Oscar de la Hoya. I think I was the only one who picked him to win by late knockout. But now since everyone else knows how good he is, picking Pacquiao does not get that many points as before.

Check this site out. You can join even if it is already mid-season so you can practice picking. Then go all out once the season starts again. They also run and operate but I’m not nearly as good in picking correct MMA fight results as compared to boxing.

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