Francisco Earns World Title Shot

The crowd that watched Drain Francisco (19-0-1) demolish Ricardo Nunez (17,-2-0) was absolutely electric.

The fight card, aptly called Young Guns, was a part of the Boxing at the Bay series presented by Solar Sports. The venue was by no means a packed house but boy the crowd sure made up for it in volume and energy.

I was lucky enough to get free tickets from Solar Sports and this is the first event I’ve covered for my blog. My girlfriend, Mia, tagged along and helped me out with taking pictures.

When we got to the venue, I could hear the crowd roaring from inside. I panicked and thought that it was already the main event, but when we got inside, I got a sigh of relief that it wasn’t. Hell, it wasn’t even the supporting main event yet. The crowd was hot for a preliminary fight! 

Credit should be given to the people who put this card together. They made sure that although the fighters weren’t household names, they’d entertain the crowd with all out action.

The crowd was treated to entertaining undercard matches with Lloyd Francisco, Al Sabaupan, and Niño Magboo coming up with exciting victories.

Before we knew it, it was already time for the main event. The Panamanian came out to a generous ovation from the Filipino crowd while Francisco of course walked out to a rousing reception.

When the bell rang, the two fighters circled around the ring, measuring each other out. Then suddenly, BAM, a big left hook from Francisco floored Nunez. The crowd went absolutely nuts. The stunned visitor did his best to hold on and fight back. The crowd erupted again when Francisco floored Nunez again. The Filipino climbed the ring post and raised his hands thinking this fight was already in the bag. Nunez got to his feet on time and survived the worst round of his professional career.

During the break, the crowd was buzzing. “Lang’ya, number one contender ba talaga yan?” the guy to my left quipped. The one beside him answered “baka mga tricycle driver lang yung pinatumba niyan,” which generated a few laughs from the people near us.

Rounds 2 to 4 were basically the same. Nunez was still trying to shake off the cobwebs from the disastrous first round. He tried fighting back, but every time he gets enough momentum, Francisco hits him flush with a big left.

Round 5 started like the three previous rounds until Francisco floored Nunez again with a big left. Nunez bravely got up, albeit gingerly, but was sent back down three seconds later, thanks to a big one-two from Francisco. Referee Bruce McTavish, who I got to meet after the fight (thanks to Tito German Tayag), didn’t even bother to count. The Panamanian was down and was not getting up anytime soon.

The win earned Francisco a shot at the WBA title, meaning he’ll be facing the winner in the match between Nobuo Nashihiro and Hugo Cazares.

The future looks bright for Francisco. He has the power to hurt anyone in his division and he seems to take a punch very well. My only worry about him right now is that he might have trouble against a counterpuncher who has a good chin. Francisco still needs a lot of fine tuning in his offense and tons of adjustments in his defense but the talent is undoubtedly there.

As for the fight card as whole, mad props to everyone who set this up. The fights were fantastic. Cards like this will surely attract more fans to watch live.

Fight Night Bullets

  • The diction of one of the announcer’s made me cringe.
  • The Panamanian national anthem felt longer than the match itself.
  • I really felt the crowd last Saturday had more energy than the 50,000+ who watched Pacquiao versus Clottey. A good set of undercard fights always sets the mood for the main event.
  • I’d like to thank Iñigo de Paula, New Media Manager for Solar Sports, for the tickets.
  • Francisco should unlearn the habit of having “gigil” (sorry, I couldn’t think of a better way to say it) while throwing punches. He should stay relaxed and continued breathing normally while taking and receiving punches.
  • I’m glad that Franciso has lessened his showboating. I hope he lessens it further next time.
    • Bulakenyo
    • April 19th, 2010


    Wish I was there to watch it live.

    The undercards were pretty action packed.

    Drian “Drunken Master” Francisco strikes again.

    Ever notice that even if his stance/feet is orthodox, his arm/upper body position sometimes goes lefty.

    Throws it like how a lefty throws his power hand.

    Generates bigger power for his wild, looping left hooks.

  1. Didn’t notice the stance. I’ll check it out sa vidoes. What i did notice was that when he walks away from his opponent,parang hindi siya nakatingin. tapos biglang bibitaw ng suntok.

    If Nunez watched footage of Drian, he should have known that the looping left hook is his power shot. I don’t understand bakit di niya nabantayan yun. Ang dami tuloy nung tumama

  1. April 21st, 2010
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