Andre Berto: Idiot

A few hours after reports of Edwin Valero went viral, Andre Berto, the current WBC welterweight champion,  had this to say on twitter:

 “R.I.P to Edwin Valero after killing his wife yesturday he just killed himself in jail today. WOW women are a Motherf***er boy RIP E.V.”

He has since deleted this tweet but you can never completely delete something like that. People are already talking about it in message boards and the number Berto fans are dropping by the minute. 

I am not saying that Berto blamed Valero’s wife for being murdered. But what he said was incredibly stupid. You can’t post something like that on Twitter without getting some sort of backlash.

He should have chosen his words very carefully as this is a very delicate matter. Some people were already appaled that he said RIP to Valero and had no comment about his wife but saying “WOW women are a Motherf***er” was way overboard.

Berto has given an apology and he said the whole tweet was just misunderstood but I doubt that the people who have read this will ever look at him the same way again.

With a single tweet, Berto has turned from one of boxing’s rare good guys to on of its many idiots.

This has not been a good couple of days for boxing.

    • fermintigas
    • April 28th, 2010

    nice one the underdog! based on skills, i chose mayweather to win the fight via UD but i want mosley to shock the world by making an upset.

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