Boxers should not showboat

Except if you’re a prime Roy Jones, Jr.

How awesome is that? Wow. That’s just pure athletic talent right there. Jones is the type of athlete who could have succeeded in any sport he wanted to be a part of. Lucky for us boxing fans, he chose to be a student of the sweet science.

Anyway, I generally don’t like it when fighters showboat, specially if they’re not good enough to back it up. But Jones could have fought an entire round with an arm behind his back and I wouldn’t have anything against it because he was that good in his prime.

However, when you’re just an average fighter, it would be best to stick to the gameplan. Nothing fancy, just straight up boxing.

Last week, Lucian Bute successfully defended his IBF super middleweight title over Edison Miranda. The challenger was on okay fighter; he had enough skill to compete on a high level but he always lost to the top guys of his division.

In round 3 of the fight, Miranda started clowning around. Bute hit him with a clean body shot and Miranda punched his abs to tell Bute he wasn’t hurt. After a while, Bute connected with a series of punches. To show that he wasn’t hurt, Miranda dropped his gloves to his waist and stuck out his chin. As soon as he was done fooling around, he got hit with an uppercut that knocked him out.

A knockout loss from Bute would have been accpetable. Bute is undefeated in 26 fights and he has knocked out 21 of his opponents. But getting knocked out after you’ve clowned around? Not as much.

I think it’s safe to say that Miranda’s days as a force in the super middleweight division are over. He most likely will not get another title shot again.

Fighters often showboat and say that they did it to entertain the fans. As a fan, I think a good pure boxing match is more entertaining than two guys doing all sorts of silly things without actually fighting. If you want to entertain the fans, do it with punches and not with theatrics, again unless you’re Roy Jones, Jr. in his prime

    • bulakenyo
    • April 22nd, 2010

    RJJ was one of my favorite boxers of the 1990s.

    The first time I saw a fight of his was around the mid 1990s.

    RJJ vs James “LightsOut” Toney.

    “Somebody’s O Must Go!”

    Memorable fight. PTV channel 4.

    I also first saw an Arturo Gatti fight, that same time period.

    BTW, ask some of the Tambayan guys to help you make a cool looking banner for your blog.

  1. April 22nd, 2010

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