ALA Boys KO Opponents in Dubai

The three ALA boys who went to Dubai all scored tremendous knockouts. The erstwhile feather-fisted Milan Melindo  (21-6-0) seemed to have developed some power in his second fight in the the flyweight division. Melindo knocked out his overmatched Thai foe in the fourth round. Melindo knocked Komrit Twincs Gym (15-4-0) twice in the first round, once more in the second round before finally stopping him for good in the fourth round.

KO artist Larry Canillas (10-2-0) continued his winning ways as he impressively stopped Fred Sayuni (6-4-4) of Tanzania. Canillas stopped his opponent in the sixth round.

Rey “Boomboom” Bautista (28-2-0) also impressed the crowd as he scored an impressive knockout as he stopped Saichon Sotorpinak (10-2-0).

I got all the winners right (which was incredibly easy) but I had a tougher time in guessing how the three would win. I though Melindo would lose a bit of power while moving up as he wasn’t really known as a big puncher at the minimumweight division. I’m pleasantly surprised that his punches are stronger now. I thought Bautista and Canillas would get late knockouts but they both managed to finish the fights in the middle rounds, round 6 to be particular.

Bautista should seriously start taking a giant leap in the quality of his opponents if he wants to hang with the big boys of his division. If Bautista moves quickly, he may even get a chance to fight for the currently vacant IBF and WBO titles in the super bantamweight division. But He’s still a long way from contending with the likes of Celestino Caballero.

Milendo, I think, is ready for a title shot after another fight but it should be against a top ranked contender. No more fighting Thais who are coming off a two year absence. If Carlos Tamara successfully defends his title, Melindo’s handlers should push hard for a fight against him.


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