Video of Valero’s Death: Plain Wrong

Two days ago, Mark Lorenzana  posted about a conversation he had with his friend. The conversation involved the presence of a picture of Edwin Valero after he killed himself. Apparently, some douche decided to take a picture of Valero after his death, while he was lying in the morgue. The photo also allegedly contained a discoloration of the skin that resembled a woman’s face.

But then a few moments earlier, I found out that a video of Valero right after he died is making its rounds in the internet. It seems like a bigger douche decided to get a video. I don’t know about you guys but I feel that the knee jerk reaction of a sane person after seeing something like that is to call the paramedics or something, not grab a camera and start filming.

But yeah,  we all know how it works. People take videos of horrible things so they could post them on the internet, get a bunch of hits, and feel special for a moment.

To the douche who took it, I know you may be too stupid to figure this out but you just took a video of a man right after he killed himself. This man has a family and you basically recorded the worst thing that even happened to their family. You gave Valero’s kids a chance to watch their father moments after he died. How would you feel if someone close to you died and someone took a video of it? Won’t you feel offended? Would you be happy that someone documented the death of your loved one?

I know where to find the video but I’ll never have the guts to watch it. Not because I’m squeamish about dead bodies or anything but because I know Valero’s family would not want anyone to watch that video. I know Valero killed his wife and himself so many may feel they have all the right to watch him die but Valero’s family deserves peace. I know damn well that they won’t get peace when they know people are watching Valero’s death.

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