Who Am I Picking?

So who would I pick? The guy who I want to win or the guy I think will win?

Such is the dilemma of picking a winner in the fight between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (40-0-0, 25 KOs) and Shane Mosley (46-5-0, 36 KOs). I think Mayweather will win but I want Mosley to win, for obvious reasons.

Mayweather likes to play villain. He knows the sport inside and out. He knows how to fight and, just as important, he knows how to sell a fight. He draws a clear line and makes the fans choose if they were with him or against him. Some people watch Mayweather fight because they like him and want to see him win and other people watch Mayweather because they despise him and want to see him lose. But, at the end of the day, the fact is people watch his fights. He could not care less if people are rooting for him or not, as long as people buy the pay-per-view and get him more money.

Mosley, on the other hand, is a throwback fighter. He doesn’t do anything fancy. He just trains hard and fights harder. He doesn’t go on running his mouth about money, nor does he malign people on a regular basis like his opponent. Mosley like to keep things simple.

I think Mayweather has the stylistic advantage over Mosley, simply because he is faster and is a great defensive fighter. Mosley’s advantage is that he throws more punches and hits harder. The biggest factor why I think Mayweather will win is that Mosley normally has a hard time fighting slick and technical fighters. He’ll have a field day against slower fighters like Ricardo Mayorga and Antonio Margarito but he lost to better tacticians in Vernon Forrest and Winky Wright.

Mayweather makes it a point that his opponents adjusts according to his gameplan. Mayweather will fight a counter puncher like Juan Manuel Marquez the same way he’ll fight an aggressive fighter such as Zab Judah. Basically, if you’re going up against Mayweather, you’ll have no choice but to move forward because he’ll always fight backpedaling.

Mosley will have to find a way to get in Mayweather’s seemingly impenetrable defense. This is of course easier said than done. Mayweather on the other hand should do his best to keep Mosley away from him. Mosley is the stronger puncher and should benefit if there is little distance between the two fighter. Mayweaher should stick a jab or a quick left hook every time Mosley tries to come in.

In the end, I think Mayweather will win a clear decision over Mosley, maybe 8 rounds to 4 or even wider than that. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be screaming my lungs off every time Mosley lands a big punch. Hey, this site isn’t called Underdog Boxing for nothing. I think Mayweather will win but I’d be hoping for an upset. 

PS: It was recently announced that Manny Pacquiao will take a quick break for his campaign to be a guest analyst in the Mayweather-Mosley fight. This is huge news as the result of that match has direct implications in the selection of Pacquiao’s next opponent. His commentary should be very interesting.

  1. thanks for dropping by fermin. I think most of us feel the same way. we think mayweather is better but we hope mosley wins anyway.

    it sucks that mayweather thinks he’s bigger than the sport. if mosley isnt able to shut him up, i hope pac does

    • totomabs
    • April 28th, 2010

    Hey there underdog! I have exactly the same thoughts as you have.

    A casual boxing kibitzer like me would most likely root for the less arrogant fighter who in this case is mosley. But I also realized that boxing critics would consider rooting for mosley hoping that he’d be the one to erase that “0” loss record of mayweather. Mayweather sells fights these days because a lot of fans are waiting in anticipation for that moment to come.

    But logic would tell us a lot of things too. Mosley’s getting older and older by the day and no one can deny that. Mayweather’s slick style would create problems for the aging Mosley. Papa Mosley’s fast but mayweather’s faster these days. Unless nazim can come up with a good gameplan to negate mayweather’s obvious advantages and a backup plan in case mayweather makes in-fight adjustments(which he often does), I don’t see Mosley winning. A puncher’s chance maybe…Mayweather backpedals his way to a wide UD(10-2 or 9-3)..

    Mayweather’s sole bragging right is his unblemished record. And in my opinion, his resume pales in comparison to that of pacman(idiot pac-haters just love to over-scrutinize pac’s fights and downplay his recent accomplishments). I only hope that one day soon somebody teaches this arrogant sob a lesson or two about losing and humility. If Mosley squanders his chance this weekend, I know Pac won’t, when his turn comes. 😉

    • thanks for dropping by bro.

      i also hope brother naazim has something up his sleeve. he looks like a pretty smart tactician. however, watching the 24/7 series, I think Naazim expects Mayweather to turn into a dragon, as he said, after getting punched in the mouth.

      I don’t know if he really believes in what he said or if he just said it to throw mayweather’s camp off but i think there’s no chance in hell that mayweather would suddenly become aggressive in this fight.

      he’ll most likely pot shot mosley for 12 rounds because he knows he can’t hurt mosley even with his best shot. I’m leaning towards 8 rounds to 4 for mayweather because i think mosley is going to win some rounds just be moving forward even if floyd was actually more effective.

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