Hasegawa versus Montiel: The Big Fight No One is Talking About

Everyone in the boxing world seems glued to the glitz and glamor of the fight between Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather or May 1. Hardly any attention is being given to a great fight scheduled on April 30 in Japan.

Hozumi Hasegawa (28-2-0, 12 KOs), the top-ranked bantamweight in all of boxing and current WBC bantamweight champion, will battle Fernando Montiel (40-2-2, 30 KOs), the reigning WBO bantamweight champion. Although bother are world champions, only Hasegawa’s belt is up for grabs in this fight because Japanese fighters only care about the WBC and WBa belts. They put little or no attention to the WBO and IBF belts.

Montiel is coming off devastating first round knockout win over Ciso Morales while Hasegawa is coming off 23 straight wins; the last five of which are all stoppages before the end of the fourth round.

Hasegawa and Montiel are both excellent fighter who are at or very near theor physical prime. It sucks that this fight is barely getting attention specially because this fight could be ten times more exciting than Mayweather-Mosley, specially if Mayweather rides his bicycle all night, which is to be expected. both these fighters can punch. Hasegawa’s knockout ratio may not look as menacing as Montiel’s but the Japanese champion has developed decent power, specially in his last few fights.

This should be an exciting fight from start to finish and I expect Hasegawa to escape with a late knockout win in a bloody and brutal fight.

The undercard is also of interest specially to us Filipinos as Balweg Bangoyan (15-0-0, 6 KOS) (I know, most of you haven’t heard of him yet) attempts to win the WBC junior featherweight title from Toshiaki Nishioka (35-4-3, 22 KOs).

Nishioka is a very good fighter and is ranked second in Ring Magazine’s list of the best in his division. Bangoyan will be hard-pressed to win this one but he seemed confident in his interviews. I think Bangoyan will put up a good fight but Nishioka’s vast experience would be the difference in this fight. Nishioka, in my opinion, will win this one by knockout. I’ll be gladly wrong if Bangoyan get the upset.

Although this little card in Japan barely gets any mainstream attention, I think it should properly whet the appetites of the hardcore boxing fans in preparation for the huge fight on May 1.

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