Welcome to Philippine Politics Manny

According to the article “Pacman linked to ambush try on Sarangani mayor” by Ben O. Tesiorna of The Manila bulletin, the perpetrators of the attack on the Saranggani mayor rode a car registered to Manny Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee, and it also had a bunch of Pacquiao stickers on it.

Pacquiao said that this rumor was caused by the recent surveys which showed that he was leading by a substantial margin over his opponent for Saranggani’s congressional seat.

My first comment is who in their right freaking mind would use a registered car for an assasination? Assasins use assembled owner type jeeps, or cheap Gemini cars, or stolen/unregistered motorcycles if they plan on doing something illegal. Then, the perpetrators supposedly added a bunch of Pacquiao stickers to the car registered to Jinkee for good measure.

That’s just stupid.

Why would Pacquiao try to assasinate a person running for mayor when he is running for a seat in the congress? Why would he even try to do anything illegal if he is leading the surveys even if most of the surveys were commissioned by Team Pacquiao?

Philippine politics is dirty. If you dabble with it, you’re meant to get dirt on your hands.

The first shot at politics seemed painless for Pacquiao, of course except losing. But with this issue, I think Pacquiao is truly a Filipino politician. Welcome to the wacky world of Philippine politics champ.

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