Still Undefeated….

This is definitely the best performance in Floyd Mayweather’s career. He took on an old but still dangerous fighter in Shane Mosley and he won almost every round. Mosley got one opportunity to shock the world but he wasn’t able to capitalize on a short while in the second round where Mayweather appeared hurt.

I guess we all knew all along that Mayweather decision win was the inevitable outcome but we were all holding on to that glimmer of hope where the good old guy defeats the cocky younger guy. Mosley got in some good shots but he always took three punches from Mayweather in return. After round 6, Mayweather was dictating the tempo and it was clear that he wasn’t let that fight slip away from his hands.

For the record, I have never seen Mayweather that shaken after a punch. He was really had wobbly legs. He was knocked down once, by Zab Judah, but that was more because of being out of balance and catching a well placed punch rather than being hurt. Also, only Mayweather’s glove touched the canvass then. A knockdown, yes, but a very weak one.

In the match earlier, Molsey caught Mayweather with a huge right but he wasn’t able to take full advantage of the situation. After the second round, it was all Mayweather. I thought Mosley was going to win more rounds. I guessed Mayweather winning 8 rounds out of the 12 but Totomabs, a friend who left a comment on my post about who I was picking got it closer than I did as he said Mayweather will win 10 rounds to 2.

I guess we will just have to be patient and listen to Mayweather run his mouth till Manny Pacquiao shuts him up.

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