The Legendary Jerry Hackney

Odds are you haven’t heard of Jerry Hackney. He’s just a simple fighter from Nitro, West Virgina. But this dude is a boxing legend.

He may have a record of 0 wins with 8 losses but it does not matter. He is one of my favorite fighters of all time.

In his fifth professional fight, Hackney was matched up against George Klinesmith, a native of Wintersville, Ohio. Klinesmith was a regular journeyman.

Hackney was fighting his typical fight and by that I mean being beaten to a pulp and losing every round in the judges’ scorecards, then this happened.

Wow. Have you even seen anything like that? No? Neither have I.

I’ve seen fighters knocked out of the ring but I’ve never seen a fighter climb the ropes only to be knocked down with a nasty punch.

I know what’s on your mind. What the hell was Hackney thinking, right? I think taking too many punches clouded his judgment a bit and led to that. I think he wanted to throw a Superman punch from the middle rope or something. Too bad Klinesmith didn’t want to be a part of it.

That round should have been scored 10-8 for Hackney based on effective ring use and pure awesomeness. But the judges saw otherwise and awarded all the rounds to his opponent.

Hackney may have lost another fight but boxing will never be the same again because of him. Thank you Jerry Hackney.

    • Jerry Hackney
    • June 10th, 2010

    This is Jerry Hackney. Thank you for the compliments but i would like to correct one thing. My typical fight is not being beat to a pulp every round. Ive basically trained MMA during my fighting years but have been talented enough to compete against professional boxers at their own game. I seriously doubt any one I lost a boxing match to could even survive a round with me in my true sport. When I fought I liked to do out of the ordinary things to entertain the ticket buyers. Show them things they havent seen tried before so they feel they got their moneys worth… Once again thank you for your kind words

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