Poor Donaire can’t catch a break

After his monumental upset win over Vic Darchinyan in 2007, Nonito Donaire’s career should have exploded. He should have gotten marquee matches against big-named fighters. He should have been given the chance to prove that he is indeed on of the very best fighters in the world. He should have been given the chance to unify all the belts in his division.

Operative word: Should.

Donaire’s career basically went nowhere after the win. He fought Luis Maldonado after the big win over Darchinyan. I was okay with it because all fighters deserve an easy fight to showcase their talents after a big win, nevermind the fact that Maldonado already lost to Darchinyan before.

Then Donaire went on to fight just four more times. The best way to describe his opposition? Meh. Among those four next opponents, I’m only familiar with two: Rafael Concepcion because he defeated AJ Banal and Manuel Vargas because he lost to Donnie Nietes.

Dachinyan on the other hand fought eight times after losing to Donaire. He fought the likes of Z Gorres, Christian Mijares, Dmitry Kirilov, Jorge Arce, and even went up to bantamweight to fight, albeit in a losing effort, Joseph Agbeko.

When Donaire signed with Top Rank, I really thought his career will get the much needed push. But so far, it didn’t. There were talks that Top Rank and Gary Shaw, Darchinyan’s promoter, were in talks to stage a rematch later this year after the two fight separate tune-up matches.

However, it seems that the talks died down as Darchinyan’s camp failed to sign the contract. It was also rumored that Donaire will have a match in the undercard of the Miguel Cotto versus Yuri Foreman fight but even that is looking bleak at the moment.

Let’s all hope that the prime years of Donaire’s career aren’t wasted on fighting fringe contenders and late substitutes. Top Rank should exert all out effort in trying to make a match between Donaire and Fernando Montiel.

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    • May 7th, 2010

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