Press Release: Jimrex Jaca

After ALA Promotions announced their plans of going global at an intimate press conference with the media last week, Philippine boxing fans will be treated to yet another world class boxing event dubbed as “Hangad na PAGHIHIGANTI” at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino on May 23, 2010. This boxing card will be headlined by Michael Domingo of the Philippines and Columbia’s power punching Luis Melendez who last year forced world title hopeful Z “The Dream” Gorres to retirement.

This event is presented to you by television network giant ABS-CBN Sports and the Philippines premier boxing promotion outfit ALA Promotions.

As part of ALA Promotions thrust of helping promote fighters not just from the ALA Boxing Gym, Hangad na PAGHIHIGANTI will also be featuring a handful of boxing hopefuls from different boxing backgrounds in and out of the country. In the supporting-main event will be the Executioner on the comeback trail Jimrex Jaca. This 26 year old southpaw who once challenged the great Juan Manuel Marquez for the interim WBO Featherweight title last November 25, 2006 just came from a knock-out win in a nationally televised bout last January 23, 2010 in Manila. He will be trading blows with Kenyan knock-out artist James Kimori. The 5′ 7″ Jimrex Jaca, a native of Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines and now based in Cebu has been training hard for this fight and wants to prove to the world that he still can be a prize fighter his country can be proud of.

“We feel this is now the time to go to the next level. From now on, we will not only be promoting ALA fighters, but other Filipino and foreign fighters as well.” stressed Michael Aldeguer, president of the ALA Promotions, during a press conference with Cebu media. Powerful words that may inspire fighters out there to do even greater sacrifices to reach their goal of boxing stardom. It is every prize fighters dream to be on top of the sport and to be flag bearers of the country. Now, with ALA Promotions support, those dreams can be a reality.

Follow these fighters life stories. Support our Filipino boxers careers. On May 23, 2010 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, witness ABS-CBN Sports and ALA Promotions presentation of “Hangad na PAGHIHIGANTI” and be part of these fighters journey. Be part of their history. Live their dreams.

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