Underdog Boxing Promo Number 2

A couple of weeks ago, Solar Sports got me a couple of tickets to watch the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley live at A.Venue in Makati. However, I already had something scheduled for that weekend.

I didn’t want to go to waste the tickets and the guys from Solar Sports said it was okay if I gave the tickets away so I did. I announced that the first to drop a comment on my post would win the tickets. Chuckie Balbuena called dibs on the tickets a few minutes after published my article.

I handed him the tickets a few days after at Greenbelt and asked him that my only requirement was the he would take pictures of the event.

So here he is with the tickets proving that wasn’t kidding around with the free tickets.

He also took a picture of the the venue. I have to say it looked good. It seemed like a good venue to enjoy world class boxing.

So there it is folks. At least you know that when I say I’m giving something out, I’ll deliver as promised.

As my next promo, I’ll be giving out a Pacquiao Nike Shirt (design/size will be up to the winner) to the lucky visitor who’ll drop the 100th comment on this blog.



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