Underdog Boxing Picks: Khan over Malignaggi

The big fight this weekend will be between Amir Khan (22-1-0) and Paulie Malignaggi (27-3-0). The build up of this fight has been good as the two combatants seem to genuinely hate each other. Khan is pissed at the always loud Malignaggi because the New Yorker is one of the fiercest attackers of Manny Pacquiao, Khan’s stablemate. Malignaggi has been running his mouth about Pacquiao taking steroids and whatnot.

In today’s weigh in, things got ugly as, well, see for yourself.

As you can see, Malignaggi was his own pretty self. The most exciting part of his game is his hair because his punches could not hurt my 14 year old sister. Things got heated when the two faced each other and exchanged words. Sadly, I think the weigh in will be more exciting than the fight itself.

Malignaggi is a cherry-picked opponent for Khan. As I’ve said above, Malignaggi could not hurt a fly. Khan on the other hand has a questionable chin. He’s been down a few times in his career and was knocked out cold in less than a minute by Breidis Presscot.

I don’t like Malignaggi one bit but I have to admit that he is one tough nut to crack. Miguel Cotto beat him up for 12 rounds, knocking him down once and breaking his jaw in the process, but Malignaggi didn’t quit. Against Ricky Hatton, Malignaggi was again beaten from pillar to post but he was not knocked down. the fight was stopped in the 11th round but that was more because Malignaggi could not win anymore rather than him being in serious trouble.

Because of this, I am picking Khan to win a unanimous decision. Freddie Roach said that Khan will knock out Malignaggi early in the fight but I think Malignaggi won’t go down that early, if at all. Malignaggi has no chance at winning because he won’t be able to hurt Khan.

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