King Khan shuts Malignaggi’s pie hole

The best thing about a Paulie Malignaggi (27-4-0) loss? We don’t have to hear his crap for a while.

Amir Khan (23-1-0) fought the perfect fight. He was the faster, more powerful, and better conditioned fighter and it showed with an absolutely dominant performance against the brash New Yorker. Khan basically won all rounds and was on his way to a wide unanimous decision until the referee stopped the fight in the 11th round so that my prediction won’t come true. Kidding.

The fight could have been stopped as early as the 9th round as it was clear that Malignaggi could not have done anything to win that fight. After losing the first seven rounds, Malignaggi could only win by knockout and he clearly was not capable of that.

Malignaggi’s left eye looked like pork tocino since the third round but his corner did a pretty decent job of controlling the swelling, if not, it would have been stopped way earlier. My favorite part of the fight was Malignaggi’s trainer telling him in the 11th round that he needed a knockout. To put things into perspective, Malignaggi last got a KO win on August 1, 2003 against some tomato can named Kevin Watts. Malignaggi wasn’t suddenly going to have dynamite in his hands to knock out Khan even if his chin is a little suspect.

Khan did a number of Malignaggi face but what Miguel Cotto did to that dude was way nastier.

Khan took another step towards his dream of being the man at 140 while Malignaggi is left to figure out if he wants to fight on or not. It would be interesting to see Khan fight someone who has legitimate knockout power, maybe even Breidis Presscot so he can avenge his lone loss. Khan is looking better each fight and he has Freddie Roach to thank for that. Khan is slowly being molded into a complete fighter much like how Roach turned Manny Pacquiao from a one-dimensional fighter to the best fighter in the world.

But the fact remains that even without Malignaggi, the junior welterweight division just got hotter with Khan’s big win.

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