Vazquez and Marquez: One more time

Trilogies are a dear part of boxing. Many of the fiercest rivalries in boxing took three fights before these were settled. Oftentimes, the two fighters involved in the trilogy are so evenly matched that they win one each in their first two fights, which automatically dictates that a third fight decide who the better fighter is. Ali-Frazier, Bowe-Holyfield, Barrera-Morales, Leonard-Duran, and Pacquiao-Morales are but some of the best trilogies in boxing. Recently though, one trilogy kept the world at the edge of their seats every time the two fought. They fought in three classic fights that may have damaged the two fighters for good.

Israel Vazquez (44-4-0, 32 KOs) and Rafael Marquez (38-5-0, 34 KOs) gave us one of the most memorable trilogies in recent history. And they are doing it one more time.

The first fight ended abruptly as Vazquez quit on his stool before the start of the eighth round due to difficulty in breathing caused by a broken nose.

The second also ended by knockout but this time Vazquez’s hand was raised in victory. Marquez was caught with a right uppercut and left hook combination in the sixth round. this fight was named by ring Magazine as the best fight of 2007 and round 3 of this fight won the Round of the Year distinction.

The third fight went to the distance. The two fought brutally the entire fight but Marquez appered to have a very slim lead coming into the 12th round. Then this happened.

Vazquez attacked Marquez and sent him crashing to the ropes. The referee decided that Marquez couldn’t have remained upright without the help of the ropes so he ruled it as a knockdown in favor of Vazquez. Two judges scored the 114-111, one for each fighter, and the third ruled it as 113-112 for Vazquez.

Vazquez took a year and seven months to recuperate from the trilogy before he was able to fight again while Marquez took a year and two months. Vaquez took longer because his detached retina required operation and a prolonged rest period.

Now, three years after they first fought, the two will lace up once again and entertain us with their fistic fury. On May 23, the two will fight each other now in the featherweight division. Let’s just hope that the two still have enough gas on their tanks.

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