Yahoo! Sports pound for pound rankings and hurt feelings

The most recent rankings of Yahoo! Sports has caused a stir, specially in the local boxing scene. Filipinos were irked that the panel asked by Yahoo! Sports to vote for their pound for pound rankings chose to give the number 1 position to Floyd Mayweather due to his win over Shane Mosley.

Mayweather received 20 of the the 33 votes for first place and Manny Pacquiao received the remaining 13. They were followed by Paul Williams, Juan Manuel Marquez, Chad Dawson, Sergio Martinez, Wladimir Klitschko, Timothy Bradley, Mosley, and Juan Manuel Lopez.

I think there’s really no point in being worried about other people’s pound for pound rankings. Different people see things differently and it is really hard for all boxing fans to agree with a single ranking.

Ring Magazine, widely considered the best source of everything boxing, has a very different set of rankings. They rank Pacquiao first followed by Mayweather, Marquez, Nonito Donaire, Mosley, Dawson, Williams, Martinez, Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, and Celestino Caballero.

The two respected lists are not only different in their rankings. They do not have even have the same set of fighters. Yahoo! Sports has Klitschko, Bradley, and Lopez while Ring has Donaire, Caballero, and Wonjongkam. The most glaring difference is that Donaire is ranked fourth at Ring and he’s ranked 15th by Yahoo! Sports.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that feelings shouldn’t be hurt just because of pound for pound rankings. That’s just how things go. Even the best of boxing afficionados will find it hard to agree with a list of the ten top fighters in the world.

Here’s my top 10.

1. Pacquiao
2. Mayweather
3. Williams
4. Marquez
5. Dawson
6. Martinez
7. Mosley
8. Wonjongkam
9. Lopez
10. Donaire

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