Darchinyan wins IBO title…yawn

Vic Darchinyan (35-2-1, 27 KOs) moved up to bantamweight and won the IBO title with a unanimous decision win over Filipino Eric Barcelona (51-18-4, 19 KOs) last night.

This was supposed to be Darchinyan’s tune up match before a rematch against the only Filipino he should be facing in the ring which is of course Nonito Donaire but then again we all know that fight won’t happen because Darchinyan does not want to get starched again.

Darchinyan won by the scores of 120-103, 118-105, and 116-108. Barcelona was dropped thrice in the match but he managed to finish the fight on his feet. Barcelona isn’t the best fighter out there but the dude is tough as hell. Yes, he now has 18 losses but he’s never lost by knockout.

If Darchinyan really does not want to face Donaire, the next best match for him will be against WBO and WBC bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel.

    • Alexander
    • May 22nd, 2010

    liar, Darchinyan wants the fight and we all know that Darchinyan did sign the contract and forwarded to donair. wouldn’t you know, the pussy ninito docked the power of the Raging Bull. and liar again for posting an old photo of Darchinyan above.the above photo is a snap from fight with mijares. the writer’s brains must have been blown by unprecedented surprises. but he can eat darchinyan’s shit, no surprise there.

    • Donaire ducked Darchinyan? please. you remember what happened the last time they fought? darchinyan got his ass handed to him by a left hook. donaire was salivating for the fight against darchinyan. we both know that donaire needs this fight more that darchinyan now and it would make no sense at all for donaire to say no to a rematch. there were details in the fight that needed to be ironed out, Philippine particularly tv rights, that’s why donaire failed to return the contract initially but rather than trying to sort things out, darchinyan ran away. would you expect donaire to sign a contract where almost all terms were dictated by darchinyan’s camp?

      and please, i never said anything about the picture being new.

  1. donaire himself told me that darchinyan emailed gary shaw to say that they are pulling out of the negtiations. There is still about 3 months away from the tentative schedule of the fight so there is more than enough time to set up a fight.

    And before you insult someone else’s intelligence, you should look at yourself first. ‘docked’ is something related to boats and ships, not fighters.

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