Pacquiao agrees to 14 day cutoff for blood testing

Abac Cordero of reported yesterday that Manny Pacquiao agreed to blood testing so that a fight will push through between him and Floyd Mayweather as long as no blood tests would occur 14 days before the fight.

However, two parts of the article caught my attention. The first was this

Pacquiao was quoted by Philip Ella Juico, who had the chance to promote a couple of Pacquiao fights in the Philippines years back, as saying that the fight with Mayweather might soon happen.

Then this

In a separate report, Pacquiao said he had agreed to take the test 14 days before the fight but depending on the amount.

I think these quotes aren’t inspiring at all. I maintain my initial mindset with this fight and that is to not believe the fight will happen till the bell rings for round 1. What seems weird to me was that Mayweather offered a 14 day cutoff before, Pacquiao didn’t agree to it then so I don’t know why he’s agreeing to it now. If it was about the money, then it also made no sense because the initial negotiations stated that the two fighters would split the money down the middle. Now after Pacquiao’s win over Joshua Clottey and Mayweather’s win over Shane Mosley, Mayweather could not make a case for a bigger cut in the fight purse as he can say he fought the more dangerous opponents and sold more pay-per-views.

I personally think they should still split the money in half but I know Mayweather would definitely try to get more money now.

Although I applaud the decision of the two camps to not negotiate in public to lessen the risk of the negotiations breaking down, I still think were as far from a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight from happening as possible.

Forgive me for being as Eric Cartman would say “a negative Nancy,” but I still not over the fact that the biggest fight in boxing didn’t happen last March 13 and that I had to force myself to watch Pacquiao beat up a glorified punching bag in Clottey.

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