Underdog Boxing Picks: Marquez, Mares, Domingo, Jaca, and Canillas

For this week, I’ll picking who I think would win in five fights, three local and two international. For the international fights, I’m picking Rafael Marquez and Abner Mares to come out on top. Marquez will be facing Israel Vazquez while Mares will take on Yohnny Perez.

It is really hard to pick a winner in these two fights. The three fights between Vazquez and Marquez were all very close, particularly the third which could have gone either way. However, even if he won two of the three matches, I think the trilogy took more out of Vazquez than Marquez. I feel that Vazquez was more battered and the fact that he spent more time recuperating supports this. With that, I’m picking Marquez to win a close and competitive decision.

It was equally hard to pick a winner for the second fight as both fighters are undefeated. Perez is coming off the biggest win of his career as he defeated Joseph Agbeko. However, I think that Mares is too talented for Perez. I feel that Mares is destined to be one of the best Mexican fighter for years to come so I’m pickcing him to win via close but clear decision.

Picking gets a bit easier in the local fights. Michael Domingo has enough skill to beat Luis Melendez and Larry Canillas would simply walk over Dexter Mendoza.

Melendez is a very dangerous fighter with dynamite in his hands but he is one-dimensional. Z Gorres was easily beating him but he got careless and paid dearly for it. Domingo knows he can’t take Melendez lightly so I think he’ll come to this fight well prepared. I’m picking Melendez by decision. Canillas on the other hand is going to knockout Rosales in the middle rounds.

Jimrex Jaca is a fighter I cannot completely understand. He showed flashes of greatness when he was starting out but he hasn’t been able to show that he is a world-class fighter. In his last ten fights, he has five losses, two draws, and three wins. The people at ALA Gym say that Jaca is a changed man and that he’ll build up for a crack at a world title. I know nothing about his opponent so I guess, I’ll take the word of the people behind ALA Promotions.

It would be interesting which version of Jaca shows up. If the careless one shows up, then he’ll be ripe for an upset.

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