Marquez ties series, stops Vazquez

It was not the all out war we expected but it sure was fun while it lasted.

Rafael Marquez (39-5-0, 35 KOs) needed only three rounds to beat Israel Vazquez (44-5-0, 32 KOs). Going into the fight, I had a feeling that Vazquez was carrying more wear and tear from their past fights. He was the younger man but he was a part of so many wars in the past that he seemed to be the more battle-worn fighter.

The fight was over when Vazquez was cut. If the cut happened in the later rounds, he could have had a chance to win the whole thing. But since the cut was opened in the first round, Vazquez had no shot at winning anymore. Scar tissue cuts easier healthy skin and Vazquez has a ton of scar tissue around his eyes because he has been cut on so many past fights.

Marquez didn’t let Vazquez get off the hook as he peppered him with punches, most of them aimed at the right eye of Vazquez. Vazquez was knocked down in round three, then another Marquez barrage prompted the referee to stop the fight.

I don’t know if Vazquez could fight again. He said on the interview that he thought a fifth fight with Marquez was a possibility but he’ll likely take five to six months to heal. However, his manager has said that Vazquez will retire to prevent further damage in his eyes.

The cut above the right eye of Vaquez was nasty. It was opened by a punch but was further aggravated by a headbutt then by more punches.

The cut reminded me of the cut on Howard Eastman’s head caused by a Vitor Belfort knee.

If this indeed is the end of the brilliant career of of Vazquez, then this is truly an end off a very good era for the lighter divisions. Vazquez is a true warrior and he will definitely be missed. Boxing needs more good guys like him.

Marquez, on the other hand, could go on to fight Juanma Lopez should he win over Bernabe Concepcionin in July. Marquez has enough skill to hang with anyone in the featherweight division and matches against Yuri Gamboa, Celestino Caballero, and Chris John are all very interesting.

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