4 wins and a draw

So I got four of the five picks correctly and the other was a draw so it was a pretty good week for Underdog boxing picks.

I thought Abner Mares won the fight. I scored it 115 to 113 in his favor although a draw was definitely possible. I scored round 6 for Mares but it was a really close round and could have gone either way. It was a highly entertaining match and hopefully we see a rematch although I read somewhere that Michael Domingo’s win earned him a shot at the title of Yohnny Perez.

Domingo had a great performance. He has a bunch of losses on his record but it sure didn’t seem like it. He blasted Luis Melendez with a wicked hook that sent him down for the count. It was great to see Domingo immediately acknowledge Z Gorres who was at ringside.

The other two fights also ended by knockout. Larry Canillas, as expected, won by another knockout. Jimrex Jaca had a good performance as he knocked out his Kenyan foe but I thought he got hit way too much. The Kenyan had horrible posture and his only offense was swinging wildly with his eyes closed. It was a good win for Jaca but he is still far away from the form he wants to be in for him to challenge for a world title again.

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