The Mayweathers will do everything to wiggle out of a Pacquiao fight

The Mayweathers are full of shit. They’ll do everything in their power to screw the boxing world out. They do not want the people to see the only fight that matters right now. There are three main reasons why I believe that the Mayweathers have no plans whatsoever of fighting Manny Pacquiao.

1. Floyd Mayweather, Sr. already said in an interview that a fight between and his son will never happen. Why? Steroids. He said that because Pacquiao extensively used steroids before withouht getting caught, his body has reached a level that it likewise couldn’t have reached before. He said putting his son in the ring with Pacquiao is dangerous because he’s a a fighter blemished by steroid use.

Dear Floyd Mayweather, Sr. you started the whole Pacquiao-steroid issue! There was no issue until you pulled it out of your ass. Sadly, some people bought it because they also want to bring down Pacquiao. Some Juan Manuel Marquez fans, even Oscar de la Hoya fans have been banging their drums about the Pacquiao steroid issue because they are still deeply hurt with Pacquiao beating their idols.

2. Pacquiao has expressed interest in fighting even with random blood testing up to 14 days before the fight. Mayweather countered and said that the fight will not happen unless Pacquiao agrees to random blood testing up to the day of the fight itself. What’s ludicrous is that Mayweather and Shane Mosley’s random drug testing was 18 days before the fight. Mosley, a proven one-time steroid user, was given 18 days before the fight, while Pacquiao who has never failed a single test isn’t being given the same treatment.

3. The third is Mayweather demanding a bigger purse than Pacquiao. He sold 1.4 million buys compared to Pacquiao’s 700,000 buys. What he forgot to factor in was that Pacquiao had little time to promote his fight with Joshua Clottey. He had no HBO 24/7 Series and he barely had a couple of months to drum up interest. Add to that the fact that Clottey has no fan base. Meanwhile, Mayweather went up against Mosley, a fighter who has his share of followers, had an HBO 24/7 Series, and had more that four months to prepare for the fight. The fight purse should be split right down the middle. Mayweather is crazy if he thinks he should get a single cent more than Pacquiao.

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