Morel ducks Donaire

WBO bantamweight interim champion Eric Morel (42-2, 21 KOs) was supposed to fight Jorge Arce (54-6-1, 41 KOs) but the latter was cut in sparring so he had to pull out.

Then Nonito Donaire offered to step in for the injured Arce. He is at a distinct disadvantage in doing this because he’ll only start preparing for a fight now as opposed to Morel who has been training for a while now. but lo and behold, Morel decided he wasn’t up for it and declined Donaire’s offer.

First of all, I’m still bitter about the fact that Morel holds the WBO interim title. Gerry Penalosa deserves that title and everyone knows it.

Second, turning down an opportunity to fight a highly-ranked fighter (Donaire is ranked fourth pound-for-pound by Ring Magazine) is ludicrous unless you totally believe that you’ll be beaten. In that case you aren’t worthy of being called a champion. Morel knows that Arce is near the end of his career and that he poses less danger compared to Donaire. However, beating Donaire would catapult Morel up the pound-for-pound rankings. Sadly, I think Morel is in for the pay and not the prestige.

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