Huling Hirit sa Tag-init

Hey guys. Apologies for the long lull. I’ve just had the most awesome vacation ever with my girlfriend in Palawan. The place is awesome! You guys should find time to go there if you haven’t yet.

Anyhoo, regular programing will resume tomorrow.

Here’s a list of the articles I’ve been working on.

The Perfect Fighter (3 part series)
Pacquiao-Jamili: The Most Significant All-Filipino Fight of This Era
Haye Should Fight a Klitschko

Thanks for your continued support!

  1. Wow, Palawan! Pictures! Pictures!

  2. Make a Facebook account na kasi no! It won’t hurt, I swear. Haha! I recommended this blog to Carlo the Boyfriend eh. Magsama kayong mga boxing freaks! Hahaha!

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