Underdog Boxing Picks 3: Cotto vs Foreman

Tomorrow, in New York, Miguel Cotto (34-2-0, 27 KOs) will be challenging Yuri Foreman (28-0-0, 8 KOs) for his WBA light middleweight title. If Cotto is successful, Cotto will join the elite club of fighters, such as Henry Armstrong, Erik Morales, Tito Trinidad, and James Toney, among other, who have won three titles in three different divisions.

However, this is was easier said than done. In fact, it seems like Foreman is the favorite in this match even if Cotto is the more experienced fighter. Cotto and Foreman were on the same card in their last fights. Foreman had the biggest win of his career with a dominant unanimous division win over Daniel Santos while we all know that Cotto lost to Manny Pacquiao by TKO.

A lot of people around the boxing business think that Cotto is, as Mikey Rourke said in The Wrestler, a broken down piece of meat. Cotto was beat up badly by Antonio Margarito. After he won a couple of feel good fights, he lost badly again, this time to Pacquiao.

However, I’m still picking Cotto to win either by late stoppage or decision. I made this choice simply because I believe Cotto is the better fighter and he isn’t as shot as some people think he is. Looking back at his two losses, one was against a fighter who was caught loading his gloves on his next fight. Did Margarito also had foreign object on his gloves against Cotto? We will never know but there is a possibility that he did. His second loss was against the best fighter in the planet.

Saying he is shot on the sole basis of those two losses is, in my opinion, a bit to harsh. Margarito and Pacquiao are both big punchers and Pacquiao owns two of the fastest hands the boxing world has ever seen. Foreman does not have knockout power. Of his eight knockouts, sic came in the fight ten fights of his career meaning that those the knocked out were probably tomato cans.

Cotto will dig hard on Foreman’s body and I think this will be the main reason why Cotto will win this fight.

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