An open letter from Marcos Rene Maidana

If you’ve read the About section of this blog, you’d already know that Marcos Maidana (28-1-0, 27 KOs) is one of my favorite fighters. The dude is an exciting brawler who wears his heart on his sleeve. His only defeat came from Andriy Kotelnik via a painfully close split decision.

I’m reprinting his open letter to clear out all the stuff that has happened to him in the past few weeks.

Open letter from Marcos Maidana

WBA Super Lightweight champ Marcos Maidana talks about the cancelled fight against Timothy Bradley and publicly asks Golden Boy Promotions and Universum to show any possible contracts with him

Dear boxing fans and press members,

The last time you have seen me I was celebrating my first victory in Las Vegas, as I knocked out Victor Cayo last March 27 on HBO and thus I proudly retained the WBA Interim Super Lightweight title for the second time. I can`t tell you how happy I was as my career seemed to go the right direction. That night I thought I was establishing a name for myself in the US and new great opportunities were coming for me after that.

However, a series of unexpected events have unfolded ever since affecting me to the point that even retirement crossed my mind. However, I consider myself a true warrior, so I will fight for my rights until the end. I know most of you may be surprised to hear that. Surely, not as much surprised as I am myself, of course.

First of all, let me make it clear that I am in perfect health condition, so nothing of this has anything to do with injuries or any medical problems. I only have very serious managerial problems that have led me to a huge disappointment and uncertainty regarding my future.

For the last two months and to this date I remained in silence as I was trusting that certain people would deliver their promises to straighten things up. They did not.

A few days after the Cayo fight I was resting in Buenos Aires and suddenly I learned through boxing web sites that I was scheduled to fight Timothy Bradley on June 19 in Aguacaliente, California. Then I called my now former manager Mario Margossian and he confirmed that he had in fact agreed that fight with both Golden Boy Promotions and HBO.

I was pissed as I had never been informed about any previous negotiations in that regard.

On the other hand, I turned the offer down as Margossian offered me little money for a fight of this magnitude. Then, the next day I again learned from boxing web sites that the date has been moved (without my approval, once again), this time for July 17 mentioning that I was recovering from a back injury, which was a lie.

I talked with Margossian again and he tried to convince me by offering me little more money, but at that point I became suspicious and I told him I would not take the fight, which it was always far from being formally accepted from me as I have never signed a contract, whatsoever.

I want to make it clear, however, that Golden Boy Promotions and HBO have both acted in good faith all along on this matter as I never had any direct contact with them or any other promoters involved in the Bradley fight at that point.

Now I know that they had made a reasonable offer for me to face Bradley, but that offer was significantly different when it came to me.

From that point on I started to find out that many other things regarding my career were not right so I put the case in the hands of my lawyers. Last May 12 I have notified Margossian about my irreversible decision to terminate the contract that we had, for which I had designated him as my manager.

On the other hand, there seems to be a huge mystery and confusion regarding possible existent contracts between myself and Golden Boy Promotions and or Universum Box Promotions, which happen to have a partnership. Both claim that they have contracts with me. Unfortunately, my former manager has never given me any originals or even copies of the contracts that I have signed or of those which he may have signed on my behalf during the last few years, so I have no way to verify what my situation is right now.

That is why early on last May I went directly to Golden Boy Promotions, and through phone conversations they promised me they would send me every alleged contract that they have. This was ratified during a personal meeting with Eric Gomez that took place last May 27 in Santa Fe, Argentina. They promised me to be perfectly clear and transparent, but they did not deliver as they finally decided not to reveal the contracts. I have not received anything from them.

Therefore, if Golden Boy Promotions or Universum Box Promotions have any contracts that link me with them, I publicly ask them to urgently show them to me and my team as my former manager Margossian would not for sure. If everything if perfectly clear and legal as they claim, what is the problem with showing all the papers to me?

I am sure that Oscar de la Hoya himself will totally understand me as a fellow colleague. I have a team in Argentina that is supporting me and giving me the right advice now, so I ask Oscar to take the matter in his own hands and meet with us to clarify the whole thing along with Universum. Otherwise, if they do not have any contracts that link me with them or if they are not interested in me, let me know it for real and I will continue with my career. I would be hugely disappointed if Oscar allows for my career to be interrupted or damaged whatsoever. I know he will not.

In all, I want to tell everybody that I would be delighted to face Bradley or any other world champions – especially, Amir Khan who is my mandatory as per WBA rules – as long as I get fair conditions (the right money and time to prepare myself).

Every one in boxing knows that I had to go the hard way to become the WBA Super Lightweight champion. First, by going to Germany to face local Andreas Kotelnik and then by going to Los Angeles to fight Victor Ortiz. That speaks for itself about me not ducking anyone, doesn’t it? I’m not scared to square off in the ring with anybody. I’m proud of being the WBA world champion and I’m hungry to face the best out there. But give me a fair treatment to do so, just as they do with other champions.

I want my fans to keep their faith in me and thank them for all the support that I am receiving, for which I’ll be grateful forever. God bless you all and see you in my next fight.

Marcos René Maidana
June 7, 2010

I wish Maidana all the best. He is a good fighter and seems to be a genuinely good guy. It sucks that some people cheat the boxers out of their hard-earned money. Fighters do all the work in the ring, they deserve the biggest piece of the pie. I hope this mess gets sorted out, we need fighter like Maidana to keep fans interested in the posrt of boxing.

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