STFU Margacheato

After Miguel Cotto’s win over Yuri Foreman, the next logical step was to drop names of fighters who could be the next possible opponent for Cotto.

There were some people who said that Cotto should fight Manny Pacquiao and give him a shot at an unprecedented eighth world title should the negotiations between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fall through. Some people also think that Cotto should grant Foreman an immediate rematch but because Foreman would have to undergo operation on his injured knee, the rematch would likely be pushed back.

And still come people think that Cotto should pursue a rematch with Antonio Margarito, the man who handed him the first and worst beating of his career. The same man who was caught trying to load up his gloves against Shane Mosley, which led to a suspension of his boxing license.

The question remains in Margarito also loaded his gloves against Cotto. Now Margarito is being his cocky self saying this in an interview with Rick Rockwell

I don’t think Cotto wants to fight me again. Cotto was not only affected physically, he was also psychologically battered. I’ve been told that whenever my name is mentioned to him, his face drops.

We crossed paths in Dallas and he was afraid to face me, he would always turn away or walk towards another direction. Who knows, maybe with Emanuel, he might get the courage to fight me again

I seriously hate this guy. He hasn’t showed an ounce of remorse after getting caught trying to cheat. He played the “I’m also a victim” card but nobody bought it. When asked about the events leading to him being caught trying to cheat, he acts pissed and tells reporters to move on like he has. This guy is all that is wrong with boxing.

I normally do not have ill feelings about fighters because I respect that they out their bodies on the line every time they fight but Margarito does not deserve an ounce of respect because he does not respect the sport, its fans, and his fellow fighters.

I seriously hope someone puts him in his place. I’ll be cheering my lungs out for Cotto should they meet again.

  1. July 28th, 2010

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