Jerry Hackney is more than legendary

If you’re a regular visitor in this blog (thank you very much), you’ve probably read my article on Jerry Hackney (AKA the guy who ran to the ropes, climbed them, then got hit out of the ring). Turns out the dude is more than awesome.

Jerry Hackney replied to my post to clear out some things.

This is Jerry Hackney. Thank you for the compliments but I would like to correct one thing. My typical fight is not being beat to a pulp every round. I’ve basically trained MMA during my fighting years but have been talented enough to compete against professional boxers at their own game. I seriously doubt any one I lost a boxing match to could even survive a round with me in my true sport. When I fought I liked to do out of the ordinary things to entertain the ticket buyers. Show them things they haven’t seen tried before so they feel they got their moneys worth. Once again thank you for your kind words

How awesome is this dude? Some boxers turn to MMA when their boxing career is already done but not Jerry Hackney. He did both at the same time. He went back to boxing when he was tired of beating up guys in MMA.

And how awesome is his outlook with his boxing career? He didn’t care if he lost every round of every fight. If you pay to see Jerry Hackney fight, you’ll get your money’s worth.

I hope more fighters feel that way. Most of them, as we all know, are only in it for the money.

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