The Rodel Mayol dilemma

Rodel Mayol (26-4-2, 20 KOs) was supposed to be one of the country’s would-be boxing superstars. He had a great start to his career, winning 22 straight fights, most by knockout. But in his first shot at a world title, he was defeated by Eagle Kyowa who was then the minimumweight champion of the WBC.

Mayol’s roller coaster ride started after that fight. He compiled a record of four wins, three losses, and two draws after his first loss. He lost to Ulises Solis, had two close matches against Ivan Calderon, one was a technical draw and one was a loss, and he scored the biggest win of his career against Edgar Sosa for the WBC light flyweight title in that stretch.

For those who haven’s seen the fight, here it is.

Then in his first defense of his title, he was hit with two low blows by Omar Nino Romero. Mayol grimaced in pain, lowering his guard, and expecting the referee to halt the action and give him time to recover. However, the referee was late in stopping Romero who unleashed a fierce left that knocked Mayol out cold.

The fight was initially declared a knockout win for Romero but was later changed to a draw.

Ironic isn’t it? He won the title via a headbutt and punch combination then he almost lost it via a low blow-left hook combo.

I think Mayol is a gifted athlete. However, I don’t think he is tough enough mentally to be a truly world-class fighter. Yes, he is a world champion but the way he won it is really shady. Sosa broke his cheekbone due to Mayol’s headbutt and it would be stupid to say that the headbutt didn’t affect Sosa in the moments leading to his knockout loss. Mayol really has the tendency to lead with his head. In his two fights against Calderon, Mayol initiated a few headbutts that opened up the Puerto Rican. The sad part is that Mayol had a clear shot at winning over Calderon, specially in their first fight, but they had to stop the fight due to cuts.

Now Mayol is gearing up for a rematch against Romero on June 19. He said in recent interviews that he is in top condition and that he’ll go for a knockout. I honestly hope we see the best of Mayol in his upcoming fight. We’re running low on world champions and a clear win over Romero will definitely set him up for bigger fights, maybe even a third fight against Calderon.

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