Hatton needs attention

In today’s edition of the Philippine Star, Abac Cordero wrote a piece about Ricky Hatton saying that he should have also demanded random drug testing when he faced Manny Pacquiao.

Aww poor Hatton. Nobody has been paying attention to his sorry self after being knocked out cold by Pacquiao that he has to resort to making bold statements in interviews just to get a bit of attention.

Pacquiao punched Hatton so hard that he appears to have hurt his brain. Want evidence?

A few years ago he was getting knocked down by little men like [Juan Manuel] Marquez, then all of a sudden he is knocking out Oscar de la Hoya, myself and [Miguel] Cotto, who are powerhouses in comparison

Pacquiao might have killed more Hatton brain cells than earlier thought. Dear Hatton, Marquez has never knocked down Pacquiao. He got knocked down four times and had two great matches against Pacquiao but he has never sent him to the ground.

You lost not because Pacquiao was using steroids. You lost because you carelessly walked straight in with your hands on your side and ate a big left that Pacquiao and Freddie Roach were practicing over and over again.

To relive this great moment, here it is again.

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