Boxing at the Bay 4 at ringside baby!

I received a text earlier from Inigo de Paula of Solar Sports asking me if i want tickets to Boxing at the Bay 4 on July 10. Of course I was already going to say yes to that, who doesn’t want free tickets right? But then he sweetened the deal and added that he can grant me access to the press conference and the weigh in.

Awesome. You all know I love boxing dearly. I’ll gladly pay to see a good boxing card but getting it for free is just so fulfilling. First because it kind of legitimizes my blog. Second, because anything that is given to you for free is a good thing.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that I was completely blown away by Boxing at the Bay 3. It was a generally lean card with only well-known fighter in Drian Francisco, but the crowd was electric. It would be an honor to watch another card with a few thousand boxing fanatics such as myself.

As of now, only the fight between Brian Viloria and Omar Soto is listed at but I hope the guys behind this card come up with undercard matches as exciting as the last ones.

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