Mayol loses title to Nino

Well, no surprises here. Rodel Mayol (26-5-2, 20 KOs) lost his WBC title to Mexico’s Omar Nino (29-3-2, 11 KOs). Mayol was beaten soundly via unanimous decision with scores of 115-111, 117-109, and 115-112.

I have always believed in the old boxing saying that goes “you are not a champion until you’ve successfully defended your title.” Sadly, this holds true with Mayol. It is hard to see him as a legitimate world champion as the circumstances in his world title win are a little bit shady and that he failed to defend his title. He now has a pathetic record of a win, two losses, and two draws in his last five fights. One win where his opponent suffered a broken cheek bone from a vicious headbutt.

It’s hard to determine where Mayol will go after another loss. It is honestly frustrating to watch the guy because I know he has the talent, but somehow, he can’t seem to get his act together to get a string of big wins that would make him a legitimate world champion. Again, headbutts were a big factor in the fight and Mayol was deducted a point in the second round. Mayol should think long and hard after this loss.

I wish him well but he seriously needs to get his shit together, if not he’ll just be one of those Filipino fighters who could have been great but didn’t, then ended up beating up Thai and Japanese tomato cans for the rest of their careers.

My biggest complaint about this entire match is that we, the Filipino people, are letting our champions fight too many times in enemy territories. It was a championship match but it wasn’t even shown on live TV, no one also chose to air the first fight.

I mean, we see matches like Roy Jones, Jr. versus Bernard Hopkins, which the world over knew would be a sucky fight, yet we don’t get to see our world champions on TV. If I were Mayol, I’d be a little pissed that no one from back home is going to see my fight unless they have internet access and bump into a solid live steaming website. I understand Solar has a contract with the World Boxing Classic and had to show the fight between Allan Green and Andre Ward but there are other channels out there who could have shown the Mayol-Nino fight.

Take Donnie Nietes for example. After he won the WBO minimumweight title in Cebu, he has since defended it thrice. Two of those fights were held in Mexico. I think that the boxing big wigs in our country spend a little more, time, effort, and money in trying to get world championship fights to be held here in our country. If they absolutely cannot manage to do so, I hope the local channels get to air their fights, even if on a delayed basis.

Our fighter need all the help they can get, let’s try and give it to them.

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