The New and Improved JCC Jr. looks good

Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr. (41-0-1, 30 KOs) was suspended after his last win (later converted to a no contest) because he used an illegal substance while training. He took time off, hired Freddie Roach, then trained like hell. It worked wonders.

Chavez had the best performance of his career against undoubtedly the best opponent he has ever faced. He won via wide unanimous decision over John Duddy (29-2-0, 18 KOs).

Chavez started to dictate the tempo early. He caught Duddy with nice left hooks and looping rights in the first round. These two punches, together with the short right uppercut that he threw on the inside, were the key to Chavez’ victory.

For me, there was no question who the more talented fighter was. However, what kept me interested with the fight, even though Chavez was clearly winning, was that he had the tendency to fizzle out in the latter rounds.

The son of the Mexican legend had a few stretches where he could have knocked down the tough Irish fighter but Duddy is a tough kid and stayed on his feet. Duddy was fighting back throughout the fight but his punches were not as strong as the ones he received.

Chavez won the vacant WBC middleweight title but nobody but the WBC gives a flying fuck.

For the broadcast, I have to say Ronnie Nathanielsz and Dyan Castillejo did better than in the Cotto-foreman fight. Don’t get me wrong, is still wasn’t near what I’d call a good boxing broadcast but they were definitely better today. Castillejo had less shrieks and even apologized when she did it.

What’s funny is that they were trying really hard to appear fair. We all know that almost all Filipinos have a bias for fighters trained by Roach so it’s understandable why Nathanielsz and Castillejo may side with Chavez. However, they made it seem to be a very close fight when it wasn’t. Maybe they’re trying to make up for what they did in the Cotto-Foreman fight where they absolutely kissed Foreman’s ass. Nathaniuelsz even went as far as to say that Cotto should be ashamed of the win, he didn’t realize Cotto was ahead in all the scorecards.

Anyway, I’ll be starting a new facet to this blog, I’ll call it the Dyan Castillejo Memorial WTF Quote of the Day.

The first entry will of course be from Dyan Castillejo. After saying that the fight between Chaz=vez and duddy was a very good one, she dropped this bad boy. “This is a boxer’s man’s dream.” WHUT!?!

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