Promo Results

There were three valid comments dropped on Underdog Boxing Promo number 3.

Ralph Castor’s favorite boxer is his trainer, Rex Olisa.

Carlo Reston’s favorite fighter is Z Gorres.

Benedict Ouano’s favorite fighter is Milan Melindo.

To decide on the winner, i’ll head to and generate a random number. the one closest to 100 will get the tickets. The order will be according to who posted first. Here we go.

Ralph Castor’s random number is 60.
Carlo Reston’s random number is 49.
Benedict Ouano’s random number is 89.

Congratulations to Benedict Ouano! You have won two ringside tickets to BATB 4.

But wait, there’s more! (I love this line from home TV shopping).

Turns out my dad won’t be able to make it to the fight on Saturday so I have two more tickets to give away. So congratulations to Ralph Castor for having the second largest number. You also have won two ringside tickets to BATB 4. I’ll be sending you texts/e-mails and you need to reply within the before 12 midnight today. If not, I will text/e-mail Carlo Reston and whoever replies first will be the rightful owner of the tickets.

Thanks again to Iñigo de Paula of Solar Sports for the tickets.

See you at the fights tomorrow night guys!

    • benedict ouano
    • July 11th, 2010

    thanks carlo for the tkets…lucky day for me indeed as pacman also watched d event (had a photo session with him, paspasan nga lang, blurred tuloy sayang hehe)…

    seated ourselves beside relatives of ibf pan pacific champ al sabaupan (called him pacman jr with his looks and his fighting style)…he seated near us after his sensational 1st rd KO of his thai oppponent (tigas ng kamay ng kinongrats ko hehe)…very much like pacman in his early years in boxing, his aggression is uncontrolled, leaving him wide open for a good counter puncher…aral pa dong !

    comment on d main event : why were all d judges filipino?..sorry to say this but IMHO, viloria lost that fight…he’s already spent in d later rounds but soto was still full of stamina…i’d love viloria to bring himself back to d viloria that fought ulises solis…for me, just being an objective fan of d sport, it was a soto win by UD and worst an SD…just my 2 cents…

    sana may pakulo ka uli hehe…tnx!!!

  1. you’re welcome sir! I’m happy you had fun. I’ll post your pic dito sa website on my next blog post.

    till next time!

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