Viloria-Soto Press Conference Pics

As promised, here are a few shots I took at the Viloria-Soto Press Conference. I’ll be heading to the weigh-in in a bit.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

After the question and answer part of the press conference, the fighters posed for a few pictures.

Here they are with the top guys of Solar Sports.

I also got to take a picture of Omar Soto. He seems like a pretty cool dude, so is his trainer.

But of course i wouldn’t pass up on the chance to have a picture taken with Brian Viloria.

As I’ve said in my earlier post, the two combatants were civil with each other. No stinging words were exchanged. Soto said, through an interpreter, that this fight will feature speed versus speed. Viloria on the other hand said that from this point on, we will see the best Brian Viloria ever.

He said that he needed to move up in weight because it was getting hard for him to reduce to 108 pounds. But with all the brouhaha about him, Nonito Donaire, and trainer Robert Garcia, I was quite surprised that Viloria tried top downplay the entire thing.

I know that deep inside him, he hates the fact that Garcia basically chose Donaire over him. It could have made the press conference more interesting but I guess Viloria just wants to concentrate on the fight.

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