Viloria-Soto Weigh-In

I arrived at the Ruby Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Hotel with about five seconds to spare. After I went in, ring announcer Boy Villanera announced that the weigh in proper would commence so I took a seat in front of the weighing scale. He said the under card fighters would be weighed first so I relaxed a bit.

But then the plans were altered and they suddenly said that Brian Viloria and Omar Soto would go first so I quickly grabbed my camera and ran towards the front.

Viloria weighed in at 112 pounds. Coming from 108, it was expected that he won’t have a hard time making the weight. Soto weighed in at 111.5 pounds.

Next to weigh in was Al Sabaupan. The dude was ripped and weighed 133.5.

His opponent, Wonchit Twins Gym, weighed in at a mind blowing 143 pounds, eight pounds over the lightweight limit.

I have no idea how a fighter can weigh in that much over the weight and not know about it. Maybe the weighing scales in thailand are all screwed up.

Anyway, the weigh in proceeded with the other fighters. Former world champion Marvin Sonsona was also there and I was lucky enough to have a picture taken with him.

I’m really excited about the fights later. It would be my first time to watch a boxing card with a media pass! Yeah!

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