My BATB 4 Experience

It was my first time to get a Media Pass for a boxing event and, boy, it was awesome!

I arrived at the Ynares Gym shortly before the first fight and the place was already half-filled. All the prime slots fronting the ring were all taken.

I had to go to the the entrance to give out two of the tickets to one of the winners. I bumped into Sir Sev Sarmenta, who was my professor in college.

Sir Sev: Kamusta ka?
Me: Masaya, Sir. First time kong magka media pass sa boxing.
Sir Sev: Ah, masaya yan! Keep that (media pass), it will be the first of many.
Me: Sana nga po, Sir!

I was happily watching the undercard fights when a bit of commotion in the stands.

Turns out Manny Pacquiao was in the arena. My goodness. I’ve been a fan of Pacquiao for years but I’ve never been in the same building as him. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots from afar.

Luckily, the Pambansang Kamao had to pee so he had to leave his seat and I had my chance to get a picture.

Later that night, Sir Sev gave me a tip that Pacquiao was being interviewed so I ran to the media room to get a glimpse. Manny was indeed there and he was talking to Ronnie Nathanielsz and Chino Trinidad. the champ was in a good mood, kidding around with people, even sharing his thoughts on the NBA, specifically LeBron James signing with the Miami Heat.

Right after, some people from Solar approached him to get an autograph. Guess what I did. Yup, I fell in line. The result?


I have a lot to write so I’m going to beak it down it a series of posts. I’ll talk about the fights tomorrow and then about my other experiences on Tuesday.

Again, thanks to Solar Sports for the experience. Sa uulitin.

To Ralph and Benedict. It was nice to see meet you guys!

By the way, my friend Hanz Lustre texted and said he saw me on TV, 24 Oras specifically, at the post fight conference. So if you guys are still awake, catch me at Saksi later (parang akin yung show e ‘no).

As always, thank you for supporting Underdog Boxing.

  1. Panalo ka! akala ko you fainted na eh. 🙂

    • hahaha. di naman ako nahimatay. di ko nga alam na pupunta si pacquiao e. dapat yung nike na pacquiao shirt yung sinuot ko para napirmhan niya.hahaha

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