BATB 4 Fight Results

BATB 4 presented a pretty good fight card. The undercard fights were mostly action-packed.

Actually all of them were pretty exciting except the one between Vincent Palicte (12-2-1, 5 KOs) and Renan Branzuela (10-9-0, 5 KOs). The fight was so boring that the judges fell asleep and gave the fight to the wrong winner. This is one of the problems in Philippine boxing. When a guy with a good record fights a guy with a horrible one, judges sometimes give the fighter with the better record the benefit of the doubt. I, Mike Ochosa, Sev Sarmenta, along with 90% of the people in the crowd, all thought that Branzuela was the busier fighter and should have gotten the win. The decision was booed loudly.

The supporting main event was a dandy. Al Sabaupan (13-0-1, 10 KOs) decimated Wonchit Twins Gym (12-2-0, 11 KOs). At the weigh in, the Thai came eight pounds over the lightweight limit. He managed to sweat off 2.5 pounds to weigh in officially at 140.5 pounds. I knew right then and there that he would lose to Sabaupan because the guy was in the shape of his life. However, I thought it was going to end around the fifth round because of body shots but Sabaupan drilled him in the very first round.

The main event was also a lot of fun. Brian Viloria (27-3-0, 15 KOs) started out well but again fizzled out in the end that allowed Omar Soto (19-7-2, 13 KOs) to mount a late rally. In the end, Viloria won via split decision. All judges scored it 97-93, two for Viloria and the other for Soto.

What’s interesting to me is that after the fight, the people were talking about how tough Soto is and not how good Viloria looked. I personally think Viloria has a long way to go before being in the shape he needs to be in to challenge for a world title.

In the post fight conference, the fighter and trainers said their usual thank yous. Soto said that he wanted a rematch, while Viloria wanted to move forward. Beth Celis of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. She asked Viloria why his punch seemed to weaken in the past five years. Viloria answered that he needed to train hard to learn how to find that trigger again.

I hope Viloria finds it quickly because time is slowly ticking away. He is no longer a young guy by any means.

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