Donaire impresses yet again, Sonsona and Concepcion falter

Nonito Donaire gave another impressive performance in beating Hernan “Tyson” Marquez in last Sunday’s card in Puerto Rico.

Donaire put on a show, switching from southpaw to orthodox from time to time to confuse Marquez. Donaire finished the fight with a wicked uppercut that almost lifted his opponent’s feet off the ground.

The win was impressive but his opponent was far from being impressive. Donaire was coming off a victory over Manuel Vargas, a fighter already defeated by WBO minimumweight champion Donnie Nietes. Now he has also defeated Marquez, who is coming off a loss at the hands of Richie Mepranum.

Donaire is much better than this and his management team needs to secure fights against great fighter from this point on. hopefully, a fight against Fernando Montiel in next in the agenda for him.

The two other Filipinos in that card came up short. Eden Sonsona was winning that fight clearly until Jonathan Oquendo dirtied it up in the 8th round with consecutive low blows. Oquendo then caught Sonsona with a big right that dropped him then finished him off in the next round with another right. Sonsona can still be good fighter. He is still young and should learn from this experience. I think he was trying too hard to knockout Oquendo and he many have punched himself out.

Bernabe Concepcion, on the other hand, lost clearly to the much better fighter in Juanma Lopez. A horrible decision caused Concepcion the match against Steven Luevano and another horrible decision caused him this match against Lopez. He should have bought some time off when he was hurt in the first round rather than slugging it out with Lopez.

Yes, he was able to knock Lopez down, but it still wasn’t a smart decision to stand toe-to-toe with the champion. Concepcion is also still young but he needs to make drastic changes if he wants to be a world champion someday.

I was supposed to make comments about the cheesy lines that were said in the broadcast but Mark Lorenzana of already wrote about it here.

PS: I think that the Lopez-Concepcion fight is the first time that I’ve ever seen both fighters wear pink gloves and trunks. Too bad Dyan Castillejo didn’t cover the fight. I’m sure she would have had awesome comments about those.

    • Bulakenyo
    • July 14th, 2010

    Nice read.

    Keep it up, pards.

    • salamat sir!

      sinisubukan kong ayusin araw-araw yung pagsususlat ko. salamat sa pagbisita

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