Margarito is a horrible choice, Bob

You all know that I do not like Antonio Margarito one bit. If you want to refresh your memory,click here and here for links to two posts I wrote about him.

Padding found of Margacheato's gloves with Plaster-of-Paris-like substance

I hate it that Manny Pacquiao is scheduled to fight him. First I disagree that a fight with Miguel Cotto won’t excite the fans. Pacquiao and Cotto fought a great fight and Cotto inflicted the most damage to Pacquiao in all of his career.

Second, it was a fight at 145. Having another fight at 154 changes everything. Cotto was obligated to weigh in two pounds below the welterweight limit but now he’ll be allowed to weigh as much as 154 pounds (I don’t know yet if a catchweight will spring up in the negotiations.)

Third, Cotto won the super welterweight title legitimately when he knocked out Yuri Foreman. It is a title with a lineage. Pacquiao and Margarito will be fighting for a title that was vacated by Sergio Martinez when he won the middleweight title.

Cotto-Pacquiao 2 would have been more acceptable for me.

Margarito came from a one year ban and defeated a journeyman. How he deserves a shot at Pacquiao, I do not know. Now Bob Arum does not even know where the fight will be held. Everything depends of Margarito getting a boxing license. Here is Bob Arum, who bravely stood up for Pacquiao in the negotiations, is letting Margarito’s case dictate the fight.

I still hope Pacquiao fights another opponent. He only has a few fights left in him and I think he’s wasting his time fighting Margarito.

  1. I think he is not confident in his ability. Many People want’s Margarito to be banned boxer forever.

  1. November 11th, 2010

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