The Silver Lining

Yes, we won’t be seeing the fight we all wanted to see. Yes, Manny Pacquiao will be facing Antonio Margacheato in November. These are all painful facts to accept.

However, this entire issue has a silver lining.

It is now a well-accepted fact that Floyd Mayweather is afraid of Pacquiao. Mark Lorenzana of collected a bunch of articles from good sources all blaming Mayweather for the fall-out of the fight with Pacquiao and you can click here for the link.

What broke the camel’s back for me is that Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports who was leaning towards Mayweather in the aftermath of the first negotiations has switched sides. Iole is one of my favorite writers and I’d have to admit that it was extra hard for me to read about him barking at Pacquiao for not wanting to take the fight with all of Mayweather’s demands.

Now I think it’s all clear to him. He knows that the fight isn’t happening because Mayweather does not want it to happen and this of course is driven by the fact that he could lose to Pacquiao and this possibility does not sit well with him.

Whatever happens to his career from this point on, Pacquiao’s legacy will be in tact. Should he lose to Margarito it would be painful but understandable as the super welterweight division was not in Pacquiao’s itinerary but the was no other choice for him because many of the fighters in the welterweight division cannot sell pay-per-views.

Mayweather’s legacy on the other hand will surely take a hit if he does not face Pacquiao. He can proclaim that he’s the best fighter in the world till kingdom come but other than his close group of friends and his rabid fanboys, no one else would likely believe him.

  1. Wala tayong magagawa, talagang duwag e. There are a lot of other fighters out there, Pacquiao doesn’t need him.

  2. oo nga e. kaso sayang talaga. it would have been a really good fight and a really big boost for the sport. too bad mayweather is a wuss

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