On Quinito Henson’s philstar.com article about Marquez being suicidal

While I was at the bank earlier, I grabbed the daily paper and saw an article in The Philippine Star. It was written by Quinito Henson and was entitled Marquez’ suicide wish. Click here for the link to the article.

It revolved around the idea of Juan Manuel Marquez as being suicidal because he yearns for another shot at Manny Pacquiao.

First, let me start with Henson’s points that I agree with. I agree with him when he pointed out that Marquez’ claim that Pacquiao is running from him is nonsense. Totally agree with that one. Pacquiao has never been the kind of fighter who’d duck anyone. If Pacquiao was such a wuss, he wouldn’t challenge Floyd Mayweather Jr. to a match where all of Mayweathers demands are met.

As you all know Mayweather beat the living hell out of Marquez when they fought and if Pacquiao is afraid of Marquez, then he should be more afraid of Mayweather, but we all know that this is the case.

I also agree that Marqez might have lost some of the speed and power when he moved up in weight. Maybe his old body could no longer handle the adjustment to a new division.

However, I disagree with Henson when he claimed that PAcquiao will be done with Marquez in three rounds. I think this is a very cocky statement. I also disagree that Marquez is suicidal, for obvious reasons.

My biggest reason is that any sane fighter in the world who is in arms-reach of Pacquiao should challenge him to a match. Should we fault Marquez for wanting to fight Pacquiao? I think not. Yes, they fought at 126 and 130 and Pacquiao now holds titles at 140 and 147 but the fact of the matter is that Pacquiao fought the 24 hardest rounds of his career against Marquez.

A fight with Pacquiao at this stage of his career will guarantee his opponent a payday that he’s never seen before, yes, even Money Mayweather. Marquez has all the right in the world to want a shot at Pacquiao specially with the kind of money that will be involved in the fight.

Marquez knows he only has a handful of fights in him and he should pick fights that would guarantee that he and his family will live comfortable lives when he’s done boxing.

But this part of his article really got to me.

Last Saturday’s win over Diaz was far from impressive. Marquez hit Diaz with some good shots but the Baby Bull was never in serious trouble. He couldn’t pin down Diaz and cut the ring off. Marquez wasn’t as deadly or as quick as he was when he stopped Diaz in their first bout last year. Age has caught up with the Mexican. Once known as Dinamita, Marquez is now just an unobtrusive firecracker.

I think Marquez beating Diaz that easily is pretty impressive. I think Henson missed the point here. Henson said that Marqez’ skill has diminished because he wasn’t able to knockout Diaz. My rebuttal is that he should also compare Marquez’ condition after the two fights. He was a bloody mess in the first one and he looked much better in the second one, with only one eye damaged (which was caused by a thumb to the eye and not a punch).

Boxing’s objective is to hit and not be hit and I think Marquez boxed perfectly. Sure, it wasn’t as bloody or exciting as the first one but Marquez with that win, in my opinion, told the world that he still has what it takes to be a world champion.

Dinamita is now just an unobtrusive firecracker? I don’t think so. He is still the best fighter in the lightweight division, bar none. And he could be a definite threat if he decided to campaign in the junior welterweight division. No unobtrusive firecracker can do that.

Yes, Pacquiao definitely has the advantage if he fights Marquez again but I think the fight will be a lot harder than how Mr. Henson imagines it to be.

Do I think Pacquiao should fight Marquez again? Nope.
Do I think Marquez is correct in challenging Pacquiao? Absolutely.

  1. fire quinito?

    • I don’t want to go out sounding like I know more about boxing than Quinito, I definitely don’t, but I think he’s way off in this one. The whole boxing world is raving about JMM’s win and he just brushed it off like it was nothing.

      I also think Pacquiao would win should they meet again but saying that JMM’s win was nothing just because Pacquiao would beat him is not right.

        • ralph_castor
        • August 5th, 2010

        diaz was NEVER into the fight. JMM clearly sent him to school.

  2. “I also think Pacquiao would win should they meet again but saying that JMM’s win was nothing just because Pacquiao would beat him is not right.”

    ^^ that, read it well haters

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