Could Don King make the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight happen?

A lot has been said about the arrival of Don King in the entourage of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Some people have said that he could be the deal maker in this never-ending story of trying to make the most significant fight of this generation happen.

Personally, I think that King would be the one who’ll be the reason for Mayweather’s metanoia. Because of the stuff that has happened in the past weeks, especially because Mayweather and his team tried to deny that negotiations took place, I do not think Mayweather is up for a fight with Pacquiao, at least not yet.

I have no idea why Mayweather wouldn’t want to fight. He has said time and again that he fights for money and there is no bigger purse out there. King has never been one of my favorite boxing personalities. The guys has ulterior motives written all over him.

It still isn’t clear if Pacquiao will indeed fight Antonio Margarito. Wait, check that, it seems that Bob Arum is hell bent on matching up the two but Margarito still doesn’t have a boxing license. I hope they don’t end up fighting in Mexico because it would be unfair to Pacquiao. He is the bigger draw, he is the bigger star, and he does not deserve to fight at anyone’s backyard, except Mayweather’s.

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