The Idiocy of James Toney

Some fighters just don’t know when to quit.

Driven by their belief in their own hype, fighters often feel that they still have it in them. They repress losses and look back at their big wins and say: “Hey, I still got it. How come all these young fighter don’t want to fight me?”

Such is the case of one James Nathanial Toney. First of all, let me just say that Toney was a tremendous fighter. Operative word: WAS. He had a great feel for the sweet science. He was a smart fighter and was one of the most skilled in his time. He was undefeated in the first five years of his career before running into another future Hall of Famer in Roy Jones Jr.

Toney could have been remembered as one of the better fighters of our time. If only he knew when to call it a day.

His boxing career should have been done five years ago. He did not have to lose to Sam Peter twice and he absolutely did not need to weigh in at 257 and 249 pounds in those two losses.

And he absolutely had no business in fighting UFC legend Randy Couture in an MMA fight. Sure, Toney could have knocked out Couture if he landed a big punch but Couture isn’t stupid. He knows that getting Toney on the ground will be like getting a fish out of water. It wasn’t even a fight. Couture took him down, busted him up and made him tap.

After the fight Toney congratulated Couture and said that he was a real tough guy. He then went on to lambast David Haye and Bernard Hopkins saying that they do not have the balls to fight him, which I think was more idiotic than fighting Couture.

Dear James Toney, they weren’t fighting you because they found no need to beat an over-the-hill and overweight fighter who could not walk the talk. We all knew you went to the UFC to get a payday and you already did. So now please stop hurting the sport that gave you everything you have. You had a great career and now is the time to end it.

And to the MMA fans who say that because MMA is better than boxing because of what Couture did to Toney, please wake the hell up. Couture, even at his age, is one of MMA’s finest practitioners. Imagine if Tito Ortiz faced Bernard Hopkins in a boxing match. Would you think Ortiz will have a shot at defeating Hopkins? No. Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

MMA and boxing are clearly two different sports. Couture’s win does not prove anything. Honestly, I don’t know he even took that fight. It will not enhance his already stellar list of victims.

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