Azucar isn’t as sweet as Sugar

Sergio Mora is a good fighter but he’ll always be known as the guy who won The Contender. Yes, he won a legitimate world championship but as the old boxing saying goes, you ain’t a champion unless you defend your title. Mora won a very close fight against then-champion Vernon Forrest then he lost the title in their rematch via a wide unanimous decision.

Mora, simply put, cannot carry Sugar Shane Mosley’s jockstrap. Plain and simple.

This is why it totally sucks that a guy like Mosley is going through with his career, tarnishing his legacy in the process, by having a draw with Mora. I understand that Mosley wanted a win after losing badly against Floyd Mayweather in his last fight but I wish he could have gotten a more suitable dance partner.

Yeah, I said that Mora isn’t the same league as Mosley, however, it does not mean that he could not pose a threat against him. Mosley is a fighter who fought his best the the lightweight and welterweight divisions while Mora has never fought below the super welterweight division, so there is an automatic size advantage for Mora. Add to that the fact that Mosley is years out of his prime age while Mora is currently in the best shape of his life.

It was difficult to watch a legend struggling against a guy like Mora. The bad part is that he was the one who came from behind to force a draw. He was actually being beaten by Mora in the early rounds.

I think Mosley would carry on fighting, presumably taking a rematch against Mora. But for me, the best decision for him is to take another fight against an easier opponent, maybe someone like Joshua Clottey who is very slow, and then retire. Mosley is already showing signs that his body isn’t cooperating as well as it used to and his speech is already slurring.

For his sake, I hope he closes the curtains on his career before it is too late. As people in the boxing world say, it is really tough for fighters to say goodbye to the sport that has been a large part of their lives. Fighters will always think that they still have it in them. It’s really tough to see a legend trying to prove he’s still good when it’s clear as day that he’s not as good as he thinks he is. Well, at least not anymore.

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